Om Vaikul has won the third edition of the Wrangler True Wanderer contest and will be taking home the grand prize, the Kawasaki Z800 sportsbike.

Wrangler True Wanderer 3.0 Winner Om Vaikul
The Wrangler True Wanderer 3.0 winner was Om Vaikul and gets the Kawasaki Z800

Wrangler has announced the winners of the True Wanderer 3.0 contest that were selected from the top 10 finalists who went on a 7 day long journey across the country which included gruelling paths and terrains, documenting their experience in the form of words, images and videos uploaded on the blog The well documented journeys were put to trial in front of biking experts and enthusiasts alike that cumulatively chose this season’s winner, Om Vaikul from Mumbai who takes home a Kawasaki Z800, followed by runners up Deepak Gupta and Sachin Gupta from Delhi.

A regular at MotorBeam with his larger than life motorcycle tours (read his 36 day travelogue HERE), Om Vaikul was bit by wanderlust at an early age. Extremely fond of motorcycle touring, Om loves capturing the beauty of the country through his photography that showcased his free spirited nature and the passion to explore on the open road, which caught the jury’s eye. The panel of biking experts chose him as the winner based on the quality of content generated, the experiences shared and the number of votes his blog received.

Held in April 2014; the 7 day long journey for Om started from Mumbai all the way to Lansdowne and back and saw him exploring new places, pushing his body to the limits in exhaustive temperatures and learning something new about life and happiness in the smallest of incidents. In the end, Om had several interesting stories to tell that engaged his readers throughout the journey. His machine the Kawasaki Ninja 250 also turned out to be loyal beast that did not let him down through out the toughest of terrains.

Certainly, not everyone gets a chance to live their passion and also be rewarded for the same in the end. You can checkout his breathtaking journey all the way from Mumbai to the peaks of the Himalayas with beautiful images HERE. Also remember, Om takes home the Kawasaki Z800, nothing can beat that feeling. We are sure everyone will now be eagerly waiting to see where will this wanderer take the new 4-cylinder beast first. Godspeed.

Wrangler True Wanderer 3.0 Winners
The True Wanderer contest saw winners embark on a 7 day long journey across India