Opel Manta GSe Elektromod
There is no beating the simple design of classic cars

Opel has unveiled the Manta GSe Elektromod, a one-off special with classic styling and modern technology.

The German brand has taken inspiration from the classic car community’s travails to transform old cars into restomods to build the electric coupe.

Visually, the Opel Manta GSe Elektromod comes with the brand’s new “face”. The Opel Pixel-Vizor (essentially an LED screen) fitted in the place of the grille is an unique touch.

Flanking the screen are the LED headlights with DRLs, while along the sides, it comes with 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with 195/40-section tyres at the front and 205/40-section rubber at the back.

At the back, the coupe has a flat boot lid with the “Manta” script and circular taillights are also LED units. Of course, one cannot miss the Neon Yellow paintwork and contrasting black bonnet.

Inside, the car has a dull Matt Grey theme. But, it comes with dual (12-inch and 10-inch) digital screens, sports seats, Petri 3-spoke steering wheel, and Alcantara headliner. Music comes via a Bluetooth box from amplifier brand Marshall.

Under the black bonnet, there is no 4-cylinder engine, for the Opel Manta GSe is a pure EV. Thus, it comes with a 108 kW (147 HP) electric motor that delivers 255 Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

The motor draws power from a 31 kWh battery pack which, Opel says, should give the Manta GSe a range of 200 km. A 9 kW on-board charger would need just under 4 hours to fully charge the car’s battery.

Unique to the Opel Manta GSe Elektromod is the provision of a 4-speed manual gearbox. The driver can either engage the gears or simply stick the lever into fourth gear and use the car like an automatic thanks to the electric powertrain.

This new one-off special was created by the German brand not only to celebrate the Manta’s 50th anniversary but to also preview the launch of its GSe electric sub-brand.

This EV comes with a 4-speed manual gearbox
Opel Manta GSe Elektromod Tail Lights
The Manta GSe celebrates the original Manta’s 50th anniversary
Opel Manta GSe Elektromod Front
The car also previews the launch of Opel’s GSe electric sub-brand