We strive to make the readers experience better and read each and every comment too. A feedback we got about our old commenting system was that people were impersonating others. There was a lot of haywire discussions going on and although quantity of comments was high, quality had gone for a toss. Many people also requested additional features and we have now moved onto the Disqus commenting system. Here are some standouts of this system –

  • Up and down vote of comments
  • No impersonating anyone
  • Permanent ban for using abusive language
  • Super slick and super quick, now you can comment without the page re-loading
  • Log in from social media accounts to comment
  • Option of uploading pictures in your comment
  • Top commentator feature
  • Better spam management
  • Share comments on social media sites
  • Real time update of new comments, no need to refresh the page
  • Faster moderation of comments and less comments going to moderation like before
  • You can follow your favourite commentators and get email notifications when they comment

Thus the new comment system gives a whole lot of more flexibility in commenting while also ensuring real people with real identities comment. We are quite excited and as always, are looking for your feedback on MotorBeam’s Disqus commenting feature. So go ahead and make a Disqus account, it takes less than 30 seconds.

MotorBeam Disqus Comments