Pagani Zonda Cinque Limited Edition.jpgPagani Zonda Cinque.jpg
The Pagani Zonda is one of the most radical cars on the planet — in terms of sheer performance and overall design – but it does have one drawback: it is for the track only. How are you supposed to show off your €1.2 million ride if you can’t even drive it around the block? However the folks at Pagani look to rectify this shortcoming with a Zonda for the streets.

Dubbed the Zonda Cinque, Pagani’s latest supercar promises extreme performance for the street. The Zonda Cinque will be powered by the same 750 horsepower 7.3L V12 found in the Zonda R and will also wear the Zonda R’s carbon fiber body, the combination of which will see the Cinque accelerate from 0 to 200 kmph in just 9.8 seconds. And compared to the Zonda R, the Cinque is even a relative deal at €800,000 (equivalent of about $1.24 million).

However, there is a catch. Whereas Pagani promised a Zonda R production run of 10 units — none of which have been built yet — the Cinque, as the Italian name implies, will see an even shorter production run. Five, to be exact taking an already breath-takingly fast car to yet another level.

The regular non-street legal R costs 1.3 million euro’s excl. taxes and looks like this. Awesome.

Pagani Zonda.jpgPagani Zonda R.jpg