Polaris Test Drive

After the launch of Polaris Off road vehicles in Bangalore by Mr. Pankaj Dubey. The Bangalore dealer – AKB Motors, conducted a two day drive program on 17th and 18th December, 2011 to showcase the capabilities of their off-road vehicles. The track they prepared despite being little small had a gamut of obstacles to give the rider as well as the vehicle a good time. Once after reaching the venue, we had to register for the drive. Since, the vehicles were off-road vehicles, no driving license were needed.

The vehicles available for the test track were:


After the registration, we were provided with safety gears. After donning the gear, we had to wait for our turn. This period was very restless. Looking at others throwing the vehicles around the corners, passing through mud trap, zipping pass through a series of stones was really exciting. This excitement created restlessness in my mind. During this period, I recalled one thing that Mr. Dubey told us during the launch – “When you drive this vehicle and if your age is 30 years, your age will come down by at least 15 years and if your age is only 15 years then don’t ask what will happen.” With all these things going in my head, I was suddenly asked to go for the drive.

Polaris Ranger Drift

The first vehicle I was offered was: RANGER DIESEL 

Engine Type: 3-Cylinder Diesel
Displacement: 904cc – 24hp
Fuel System: Indirect Injection

After driving this vehicle for two laps I was pretty much in agreement with Mr. Pankaj Dubey about what this vehicle is capable of doing and it is also capable of bringing out the child in you.

Polaris Sportsman Review

Next in queue for me was: SPORTSMAN XP 850

Engine Type: 4-Stroke SOHC Twin Cylinder
Displacement: 850cc
Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injected

This one being a proper off-road ATV was more exciting to drive. But the absence of power steering proved a little difficult for me to steer it around the corners, but that difficulty allowed me to indulge more with the vehicle. So, for me I enjoyed SPORTSMAN more than RANGER. Overall, the whole event was very enjoyable and everyone who was there had a great time.

Polaris Ranger Off-Road Test

Polaris Ranger Off-Roading

Polaris Sportsman Off-Road Test

– Anand Gopal
Special Correspondent