The Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 has been spied yet again, this time on the Lonavala highway. The video footage shot from a car, gives us an up-close view of the upcoming Cruiser Sport. We also catch a glimpse of the front headlight assembly.

Pulsar CS400 Studio Shot
The Pulsar CS 400 is expected to be launched this festive season

The Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 has made it a habit of being spied in recent times. In the last video, we saw a KTM Duke 200 give chase to the Pulsar CS 400. This time, we kick things down a notch, as the bike was caught on a busy section of the Lonavala highway. The test mule was caught on video through a car, and the video taker managed to get some nice up close- shots of the Pulsar CS 400. What’s more, we finally catch a fleeting glance of the bike’s elusive headlight assembly.

The Pulsar CS 400 seems to carry a red paint job under the camouflage as seen in the passing shot at the end of the video. We can also see that the exhaust is an all-black unit unlike the ones seen on some early test mules which carried a silver accent. On the rear, we can also see the ABS ring assembly which was absent on one of the previous test mules. This confirms our speculation of there being ABS and non-ABS offerings. However, we can’t really catch the exhaust note, due the background music.

Moving to the front of the Pulsar CS 400, we can see the slightly sporty seating position, the front forks, which are not the upside down units showcased at the Auto Expo, but conventional telescopic units. The ABS rings are present on the front discs as well, thus confirming a dual channel setup.

Now for the headlight, which seems to be the biggest tease of the bike, is still quite unclear, as it can be seen only as a blur. Judging by the side view we can safely say that it has retained the external housing design that was showcased at the biennial motor show. As for the LED setup inside the headlamp, that won’t be making it to production.

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 Spotted Up Close

– The Pulsar CS 400 has been spied on the Lonavala highway
– The video reveals a up close look at the upcoming bike
– We catch a glimpse of the front headlight assembly
– The bike is expected to be launched by this festive season

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