Bajaj’s flagship offering, the Pulsar RS 200 sales have just crossed the 15,000 units mark, in a span of under 5 months since its launch in April this year.

2015 Pulsar RS 200 ABS Review
The Pulsar RS 200 surely is indeed the ‘Fastest Indian’ branded bike currently

Bajaj has always been a brand known for its accessible motorcycles, that are not just feature loaded when considered the price at which they are offered, but also for the design, which has been very evident since the launch of their Pulsar lineup. But this year, they came up with their first full-faired motorcycle, the Pulsar RS 200, that pumped up the competition drastically in the category. The RS not only serves as a comfortable city commuter because of the upright riding posture but also as a sports bike, thanks to the fairing.

The flagship Pulsar looks distinct on the road because of the styling and it is needless to say, the designers at Bajaj went a little too far with the tail-light and the stickering, making the bike look a lot more aggressive. The engine too, was tweaked a little bit because of the added fuel injection to the same engine present in the Pulsar 200 NS. Also, the option of safety feature like ABS in the RS, proves to be a tempting proposition for customers.

All the above additions and improvements, helped a lot in making the Pulsar RS 200 very desirable amongst the people and proved to be a success for Bajaj. The sales have already crossed 15,000 units, in a span of under five months (April to August) with a market share of 43 percent. Riding on the success offered by the bike, Bajaj recently introduced the ‘Demon Black Edition’ for the RS 200 that would blend the elements a lot better than before for Pulsar fans. The new black and red scheme brings out the Race Sport appearance of the bike and should be a lot more appealing to enthusiasts.

The Pulsar RS 200 is currently being offered in two variants, that is, with ABS for Rs. 1,32,001/- and without ABS for Rs. 1,20,485/- (ex-showroom Delhi), an increase of Rs. 2000/-. And, with the edition of the Demon Black Edition, customers can now choose between Red, Yellow and Black paint schemes, with blue likely to be offered in the future.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Demon Black
The new Demon Black paint scheme surely adds to the aggressiveness of the bike