Range Rover Evoque India Launch

While Tata Motors is seeing a slight decline in overall sales, Jaguar Land Rover continues to gallop forward with full steam. The British manufacturer has posted stupendous sales in the past few months, with the Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque leading at the forefront for the brand. While the Range Rover is commanding a high waiting period in certain countries, the Evoque is marching ahead with excellent growth in overall sales. The Evoque still looks as fresh as it looked on day one and we wonder how Land Rover will even update the model in the future.

Land Rover sells every Evoque model it imports in to India, such is the demand for this stylish SUV. While the pricing of the vehicle is on the higher side, the desirability quotient is several notches higher than similarly priced products. Rumours of CKD operations for the Evoque have been doing the rounds of late but there is no confirmation yet from the company. JLR currently assembles the Freelander 2 and Jaguar XF 2.2 locally and we expect the next gen Defender to be locally manufactured in India.

Last year Land Rover showcased the Range Rover Evoque convertible but plans of launching it have been shelved. Instead the company will launch a model of the Evoque with an extremely large panoramic roof. The Evoque is a style statement and has created a niche segment of its own, a convertible model will be even more niche and won’t be something which will stir up instant demand. The Evoque convertible concept looks stunning though and Land Rover might re-consider the launch in the distant future.

Range Rover Evoque Review