After providing new accessories for the RE 650 twins, the company now gives the Classic range a new set of accessories.

Classic 350 Redditch Red
Royal Enfield official accessories come with a 2-year warranty

The Classic range of motorcycles is one of the most modified bikes in the country. Many motorcycle enthusiasts and owners of the Classic 350 & 500 opt to get their bikes modified with aftermarket alloy wheels, saddle mounting kits, etc. The aftermarket alloys are not up to the quality standards and cause many accidents due to damage of the rims.

Royal Enfield has taken up the task and now provide genuine alloy wheels as an optional accessory for the Classic range. The bike maker is not only offering alloy wheels but many other accessories too. Starting from seat covers to crash guards and pannier mounting kits, RE has a whole list of premium accessories on offer for the Classic range. The company also has added a compact engine guard priced at Rs. 2700/- to the existing line up of guards. A number board is provided too, to enhance the cosmetic appeal of the Classic series and it costs Rs. 1850/-.

The Classic series will get an additional sump guard priced at Rs. 2650/- will protect the belly of the bikes from the gravel that could damage the engine. Handguards are also offered to provide safety for the rider’s hand or the levers in case of an unfortunate fall, they are priced at Rs. 2200/-. The alloy wheels are priced at Rs. 10,000/- which is reasonable considering the fact that they won’t pose any threats of breakage due to quality defects as seen on the aftermarket alloys.

RE Classic Alloy Wheels

– To prevent customers from using aftermarket alloy wheels, RE has introduced their own for the Classic range
– The accessories offered for the bike come with 2 years warranty
– Royal Enfield now provides 32 accessories for the Classic range of motorcycles

RE Alloy Wheels Classic Range
New 9-spoke alloy wheels are now on offer
RE Compact Engine Guard Classic Range
The crash guards get a new compact design
RE Hand Guard Classic Range
Handguards are offered to provide protection to the levers as well as the rider’s hands
RE Number Board Classic Range
The new number board addition will bring a zest to the looks of the bike
RE Sump Guard Classic Range
Sump guard will provide additional protection to the underbelly of the bike