Reevu MSX-1 Helmet

British helmet manufacturer, Reevu, has come up with an amazing new helmet technology for bikers. This special MSX-1 helmet has a rear view facility like a car’s rear view mirror. The helmet projects an image of the field of vision right behind the rider onto a small screen inside the helmet, which is outside the riders main front view. This helps the rider see what is behind the bike without moving his or her head. So this helmet solves the main problem while riding a bike, rear visibility.

The field of vision of a bike rider is restricted quite badly and locating objects at the rear can be very difficult in spite of having rear view mirrors on the bike. There are blind spots which can cause a serious accident due to lack of vision. But this Reevu MSX-1 helmet solves this problem by introducing a periscope type mirror system which displays the rear view onto a small screen with the help of a selection of small mirrors inside the back and top of the helmet.

These mirrors reflect the image onto a screen which is perfectly positioned in the rider’s peripheral view so that the rider need not take his or her eyes off the road to get a glimpse of the road and objects behind. This rear view system is adjustable as well where the rider can adjust it according to his or her convenience. Another positive of this mirror system is that it acts as a crumple zone in case of an accident, further protecting the riders head from massive injury.

This Reevu MSX-1 full face helmet has been on sale internationally since 2011. Now a new flip-up type helmet with the same rear view facility has been launched. It is priced at $399 (Rs. 21,500/-) and is available in many international motorcycle accessory shops.

Reevu MSX-1 rear view helmet

Reevu MSX-1 360- technology

Reevu MSX-1 Helmet