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Tata Motors has started registrations for the Full Throttle Himalayan Experience, which is the very first of a series of expeditions. The company is doing something similar to what Mahindra does for its customers, through the Great Escape events. The Full Throttle Himalayan Experience is scheduled for ten days, starting from the 22nd June 2012. It will cover 2000 kms across 5 states, traversing mountains, lakes and gorges. The final destination is Srinagar and the company is expecting 25 participants.

So who can participate? Any one who owns a Tata utility vehicle, which means Sumo, Grande, Safari and Aria owners can take part. The cost for this event is Rs. 30,000/- and includes all charges such as boarding, lodging, service support, insurance, permits, medical back up and taxes. The Full Throttle team also plans to organize Konkan, Nilgiri and Thar experience post the Himalayan experience in 2012. For 2013, the Kutch experience is being organized and you can read all about it and register here.

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