It’s a bright sunny morning, you smell fresh like a daisy and you are sure nothing can go wrong. You enter your car and the most horrible odours are prevailing making that blissful morning into a rude Monday. Odours are not a very big problem but untreated odours tend to settle in the car and can be very difficult to remove than you ever thought of.

Bad odours can be caused by different things, leftover food packs, sweaty clothes, water leakage in the car, spilled drinks on the carpet and so on. If your car smells of fuel, you better get it checked for leakage. If the smell comes from the engine, you need to send it to a mechanic to know what’s causing the smell. The smell of rotten eggs from the battery will tell you it’s time for a replacement.

So here are some solutions that you can use, the next time your car starts a bad odour.

1. Clean your car

Clean Your Car
This is the simplest solution of all; it can’t get any easier than this. It is always recommended to clean your interiors and exteriors of the car at least once a week. If you drive your car in dusty areas, dust and bad odours are bound to settle in. You might have left over drinks and junk food packets lying around the corner and in the back seat. The best method is to vacuum your seats from time to time to make sure dust and odours do not settle on them. Vacuum cleaners come with special upholstery attachments, which can get into the farthest corners of the car. If vacuuming is not possible, brushing your seats is also a good option to get rid of the dirt and dust.

2. Don’t bring moisture in your car

Avoid Moisture In Car
During monsoons, you are bound to come in the car with wet clothes and shoes dampening your carpet; another reason why your car will smell bad. Keep few newspapers handy to soak up the moisture. Fabric seats tend to soak up the moisture and leave a bad smell. They also are a breeding ground for bacteria growing up. You use a hair dryer or a blower to dry up the areas; also, allow fresh air to come inside the cabin to dry up the moisture.

3. Stop smoking in your car

Stop Smoking In Car
Just like your body, smoking is not good for your car as well. The smell sticks around faster and longer in the car. Cigarette smoke enters the duct system, seat fabric and also in the air conditioner vents. For starters, do not smoke in the car at all. It is a very unpleasant experience for the other passengers in the car. Don’t be surprised if your folks find about this habit of yours, without anyone having to tell them.

You will have to go beyond cleaning and vacuuming your car. A handy way to treat the smell of smoke is to keep coffee beans in the car. Coffee beans soak up the heavy smell of smoke and will leave back the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your cabin.

4. Clean your air conditioner

Your car air conditioner may develop mildew that is caused by bacteria or fungi and grow in the air-con evaporator core, condenser hose or in the pan collecting water. To remove the mildew from your air-con, run the heater with the blower at full speed. Keep the windows open, so that the cabin does not heat up. This should get rid of the mildew circulating bad odour. It is also advisable to get your air conditioning unit serviced once a year.

5. Look for leakage

Leakage In Car
If you are smelling fuel in your car’s cabin, get your car checked for any possible leakage immediately. It is a potential hazard and can cause a fire. Get the leakage checked and repaired within time.

6. Invest in a car deodorizer

Ambi Pur Car Freshener
There are plenty of air deodorizers available in the market in many forms. You can choose from a range of cans, oil wicks, aerosol sprays or hanging cardboards to freshen up your car or mask that ugly smell. The range for such products start from Rs. 100/- for the hanging cardboards to the more effective and long running oil wicks that can be clipped to the air vents with prices starting at Rs. 300/-.

7. Get your car cleaned professionally

3M Car Mat Experience
You have tried every possible method and still the odour doesn’t seem to go away? It’s time to handover the experts. Get your car cleaned by professionals. They will take care of everything from the cause of the smell till cleaning your cabin completely making your car smell as good as new. Although it is slightly expensive, the results and the effectiveness might just amaze you.