The Hyundai Creta is loaded with features to the brink, but loses out on driving feel which the Renault Duster provides in abundance. However, it is the Mahindra Scorpio that is the most value for money offering.

Hyundai Creta Review
The Creta is priced at a premium over competition, but offers a lot on every variant

One of Hyundai India’s most awaited launch this year, the Creta is finally here, with prices starting at Rs. 8.60 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). A major addition to the Rs. 8-15 lakh SUV space, the Creta does have some established names to compete against including the Renault Duster and Mahindra Scorpio that are volume sellers for their respective manufacturers. While the Scorpio has been the choice of the masses for the longest period, the Duster positioned itself as a more practical and urban friendly SUV, which the Creta is trying to be as well. But how does it fair in terms of pricing when compared to its rivals? We do a quick price comparison to find out just that.

Space – Measuring 4.2 metres in length, the Hyundai Creta is as big the Renault Duster and offers plenty of headroom and legroom inside the cabin. The Hyundai has a butch profile, but feels a lot more urban when compared to the extremely rugged Duster. The Mahindra Scorpio offers the maximum space here with three row seating accommodating 7/8 passengers and is taller too. In comparison, both the Duster and Creta are strict 5 seaters. The Creta gets the lowest ground clearance at 190 mm, whereas the Duster measures at 205 mm and Scorpio at 210 mm.

Engines – The Duster has the least output in the segment with the 1.5 diesel producing 110 PS and 245 Nm of torque. The 1.6 diesel on the Creta makes the highest power at 128 PS and 260 Nm, while the Scorpio makes the highest torque at 120 PS and 280 Nm. While both the compact SUVs come paired to a 6-speed manual transmission (the 85 PS Duster makes do with a 5-speed), the full-sized Scorpio gets a 5-speed manual. Nonetheless, Mahindra is now offering a 6-speed automatic as well (made to order) with All-Wheel Drive, while the Creta is available with a 6-speed autobox sending power to the front wheels. The Duster gets only manual gear with an AWD option.

Safety – The Creta easily triumphs the competition with a host of safety tech including 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, VSM, ESC, HAC. In comparison, the Duster comes with dual front airbags, ABS + EBD with brake assist; whereas the Scorpio gets everything on the Duster plus anti-theft warning, panic brake indication, speed alert and auto lock. The Creta and Scorpio also get LED DRLs, which is missed on the Duster.

Price – The value for money quotient is extremely high on the Scorpio with the base diesel trim almost Rs. 80,000/- cheaper than the Renault Duster and Rs. 1.64 lakhs cheaper than the base Creta 1.4 diesel. Being a RWD model, it is also more capable of tackling rough roads with ease. The Creta is the most expensive here but gets a host of tech right from the base variants including the 6-speed manual gearbox, ABS with EBD.

For the mid and top variants too, Mahindra stays the most competitive, but loses out on several bits like build quality and equipment. The range-topping All-Wheel Drive automatic variant of the Scorpio is only marginally more expensive than the fully loaded Creta, while the 2WD AT version is Rs. 4000/- cheaper than the Creta. The Duster gets the most expensive AWD variant being Rs. 59,000/- more expensive than the Scorpio.

Verdict – The Mahindra Scorpio clearly beats its rivals by a tall margin when it comes to space and value for money. Not only do you get 7/8 seating options when compared to only 5 in the Creta and Duster, but there is ample of headroom and legroom as well. However, the Creta is far more loaded in features and the compact dimensions and frugal powertrain options make it more easy to live with. You also get a lot more for the premium you pay. The Duster is fun to drive and boasts of excellent ride quality, but feels overpriced now for what it has to offer and there is a need for a major update now.

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