Renault is offering a host of chrome induced accessories at the dealer level to cosmetically enhance its rugged looking hatchback.

Renault Kwid Accessories
Renault understands India’s love for chrome & is offering appropriate accessories

At one point it was hard to fathom anyone apart from Maruti Suzuki ruling the hatchback segment. Nevertheless, well prepared manufacturers have come close to the hatchback king in recent times and the latest automaker to join this success streak seems to be Renault India. The French automaker played all the right cards with the recently launched Kwid and is now reaping the results. Decking up its smallest offering in the country, Renault is also offering a host of accessories at the dealer level.

As seen in the images, the Renault Kwid is covered in an abundance of chrome, which happens to be the most favoured add-on for most buyers in India. For the exteriors, the accessory list includes chrome finished alloy wheels, fog lamp cover, bumper protector, tailgate chrome bar, headlamp and tail light cover; bumper liner, bumper protector, door handles and front grille insert. Further, you get door visors, roof rails and mud flaps to add on the Kwid.

Inside the cabin, the Renault Kwid comes with new floor matting, boot mat, illuminated sill plate, foot well lamp, faux leather seat upholstery and chrome finished gearshift bezel. All accessories will set you back by a premium of Rs. 54,000/- in addition to the Kwid’s asking price, but is worth the money if you like to deck your car up.

Given its Duster inspired rugged looks, peppy 800cc petrol engine, a host of segment first features and fantastic pricing, Renault has taken the fight to established competition with the Kwid having witnessed over 25,000 bookings within just two weeks of launch. Given the high demand, the waiting period for some variants has stretched to six months while foot falls at dealerships and test drives have increased by ten fold.

Renault Kwid Accessories Prices (ex-showroom) –

1) Floor mats – Rs. 1290/-
2) Boot space mat – Rs. 690/-
3) Mud flaps – Rs. 450/-
4) Illuminated sill plate – Rs. 4000/-
5) Foot well lamp – Rs. 1100/-
6) Leather seat cover – Rs. 6500/-
7) Tail light (Chrome) – Rs. 1350/-
8) Tail gate (Chrome) – Rs. 1200/-
9) Fog Lamp – Rs. 450/-
10) Bumper protector (Chrome) – Rs. 1350/-
11) Door handles (Chrome) – Rs. 950/-
12) Head lamp (Chrome) – Rs. 1100/-
13) Bumper liner (Chrome) – Rs. 1550/-
14) Front grille insert (Chrome) – Rs. 1550/-
15) Gearshift bezel (Chrome) – Rs. 500/-
16) Roof rails – Rs. 3800/-
17) Door Visor – Rs. 1700/-
18) Alloy wheels – Rs. 24,500/-

Renault Kwid Accessories Interior
The cabin gets limited accessory options and keeps the all black tone
Renault Kwid Accessories Chrome Grille
There is abundance of chrome all over the Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid Accessories Alloys
The accessories can be added on to the car at the dealership level
Renault Kwid Accessories Prices
Waiting period for some models has stretched to almost 6 months
Renault Kwid Chrome Accessories
Available in 4 trims, the RxL & RxE trims are more popular with buyers