Renault Scala Auto Expo India

We all know that the Renault Scala is a re-badged Nissan Sunny with few cosmetic changes. The Sunny isn’t a looker and Renault tried to improve the looks of the vehicle with the Scala. Even though the Scala looks better than the Sunny, Renault has displayed a customised version of the vehicle at the 2014 Auto Expo. These customisations lend more appeal to the Scala and make it look attractive.

Yesterday we saw how Maruti Suzuki went overboard with modifications and some vehicles from their stable ended up looking hideous. Renault has done very discrete modifications to the Scala and we really like this fact about the manufacturer. Renault took a white Scala and browned out the roof first while also giving the front grille a brown tint. This can be done with either a small paint job or using adhesive vinyl which is available for cheap nowadays. Then the automaker added a nice brown pinstripe to the sides and the boot to get rid of the boring-ness. The alloys are also changed and these look very good compared to the stock alloys on the Scala.

This goes on to show that even minor modifications like these can make a vehicle look much more pleasant and attractive. There are only cosmetic changes and nothing has been changed mechanically. The Renault Scala is powered by 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines. These minor modifications can be done by any of us easily and they would suit many other colours as well. Well done Renault!

Renault Scala Auto Expo

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Renault Scala Auto Expo Display

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