Vento ASEAN NCAP Crash Test

Earlier this year, many Indian hatchbacks were put through the Global NCAP crash test and the results were quite shocking. We already know how manufacturers don’t provide safety features like airbags and ABS on many entry-level cars and hence these poor results were expected up to a certain extent. While Volkswagen woke up and made airbags standard on all variants of the Polo, other manufacturers are yet to follow suit.

ASEAN NCAP has now conducted some new tests of India-relevant cars and these models are the ones that feature at least two airbags. While these Malaysian cars are similar to the ones sold in India, there can be chances that manufacturers are using different grades of metal for different countries and hence the results may not be 100% for made-in-India cars.

How is the test conducted? – Two full-size dummies are placed in the driver and front passenger seat with seatbelts fastened. Two child dummies are also placed in the Child Restraint System in the rear seats and then the car is moved forward at a speed of 64 km/hr and crashed into crushable aluminium barriers that bring the vehicle to a complete halt.

The safety score for adults is determined on a scale of 0-16 with 16 being the best. This score is known as Adult Occupancy Protection (AOP). For children, the score is determined on a percentage basis with 100% being the best.

Here are some videos that demonstrate crash tests of various India-relevant cars –

[youtube: 540 375]

Hyundai i10 – The Hyundai i10 managed to score the lowest since it offers poor protection to the driver’s feet and left thigh. The passenger’s right thigh too got an impact that crosses the acceptable limits. Do note that this is the previous generation i10 and not the Grand i10.

Score – Adults – 2 stars, Children – 48%

Hyundai i10 ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Suzuki Swift – The Suzuki Swift managed to get a good score of 4 stars. The impact on the chest was within limits and the left leg too got away by a small margin.

Score – Adults – 4 stars, Children – 77%

Suzuki Swift ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Volkswagen Vento – The Volkswagen Vento also managed to score 4 stars and only the driver’s thigh and right knee suffered impacts and even those were within acceptable limits.

Score – Adults – 4 stars, Children – 85%

Volkswagen Vento ASEAN NCAP Crash Test Report

[youtube: 540 375]

Honda City – This is the third generation City that was crash-tested and the car scored a perfect 5 star rating.

Score – Adults – 5 stars, Children – 81%


[youtube: 540 375]

Renault Scala/Nissan Sunny – The Nissan Sunny is sold with the Almera nameplate overseas. The vehicle scored 4 stars which is a good rating and only the driver’s right thigh suffered impacts that were slightly lesser than acceptable limits.

Score – Adults – 4 stars, Children – 52%

Nissan Sunny ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Ford Fiesta – The Ford Fiesta managed to bag a 5 star rating and only the legs of both the front passenger and driver suffered mild impacts.

Score – Adults – 5 stars, Children – 66%

Ford Fiesta ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Toyota Corolla Altis – The new generation Toyota Corolla Altis scored 4 stars on the dual-airbags version while the model with 7 airbags scored 5 stars.

Score – Adults – 4 stars, Children – 78%

Toyota Corolla Altis ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport scored 4 stars and the driver’s upper leg and both knees suffered impacts. The Pajero scored the lowest when it comes to child safety.

Score – Adults – 4 stars, Children – 40%

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport ASEAN NCAP

[youtube: 540 375]

Honda CR-V – The Honda CR-V scored an impressive 5 star rating making it sit alongside the Honda City in terms of safety.

Score – Adults – 5 stars, Children – 86%