The Royal Enfield Classic 500 has been totally transformed and turned into an asphalt-tearing dragster bike by Harris Performance. The one-off motorcycle built for a bike festival in France is turbocharged and carburetted.

Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa
The dragster-type Classic 500 Mo’ Powa’ looks stunning from every angle

The Royal Enfield Classic is as iconic a vehicle for India as the Mustang is for the Americans. The bike enjoys a cult following status in urban and rural parts of the country alike, as customers love to modify their Enfields mechanically as well as cosmetically and sometimes even pass them down generations as memories. One of those tasteful modifications has been done by the professional boffins at Harris Performance to transform a Classic 500 from a comfortable highway cruiser to a road warrior-dragster bike, and aptly named it as Mo’ Powa’ Edition.

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 Mo’ Powa’ Edition is a bonkers motorcycle from an alternate universe in which Royal Enfield makes bikes which set speed records. The crazy looking bike has been transformed completely by Harris Performance of the U.K. and turned into a dragster-type motorcycle. The bike features visual modifications like stretched wheelbase, lowered stance, Continental GT swingarm, lowered forks with stiffer spring and flattened handlebars.

The bike also gets its fuel gauge replaced with a boost gauge, key replaced with military style switch, gets new Excel rim at the rear, Continental TKC70 knobby tyres and a modified seat pan. Mechanically, the beast has K-Tech rear shock which is mounted for more travel, a small turbocharger, EFI replaced with a carburettor and a deleted airbox. The Brutish one-off motorcycle has been commissioned for the Wheels and Waves festival held between 8th – 12th of June, 2016 in Biarritz, France

The turbocharged motorcycle is a beautiful creation by any means and packs a lot of punch. The lowered stance, flat handlebars, stiffer springs, longer swingarm and fatter rubber makes this chopper a dream come true for every bike lover. The custom modification scenario in India is still in its infancy and only builds like this, if taken up locally, will push the envelope further in a boring commuter bikes dominated vehicle category.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Mo’ Powa’

– The Royal Enfield Classic 500 Mo’Powa’ Edition is a one-off turbocharged Classic 500 bike
– The motorcycle has been modified by Royal Enfield owned Harris Performance
– The C500 features modifications such as a small turbocharger, K-Tech rear shock and Continental GT swingarm
– Visually the bike also gets lowered stance, stretched wheelbase and a flattened handlebar

Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa Stand
The bike with its lowered forks along with stiffer spring and flattened handlebars looks menacing
Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa Workshop
The Classic 500 has been modified by RE owned Harris Performance of the U.K.
Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa Assembly
Modifications include turbocharging and extension of wheelbase
Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa Rear
A dragster needs special Continental TKC70 tyres
Royal Enfield Classic Mo Powa Exhaust
The motorcycle brands a custom hand-built exhaust system by Harris Performance

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