Royal Enfield has removed the promotional video which showed the Himalayan’s footpeg snapping off. The video started a huge debate but it seems to have come to an end.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Price
The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a purpose built motorcycle

What happens when you develop a product over a long period of time and are attached to it? What happens when someone finds a small flaw in the same and it spreads across like fire? Things don’t stay too well. This is what happened with Royal Enfield recently when they came up with a video showcasing the Himalayan’s capability.

The video showed Dakar rally veteran CS Santosh push the Royal Enfield Himalayan to its limit, limit which 99.99% owners would never explore. Since he was riding a prototype, the footpeg snapped off when he landed after a high jump. Surprisingly, the Bullet maker put that part in the video. It was noticed by everyone and the debate started.

The footpeg braking took the internet by storm and Royal Enfield was quick to take note of it. The CEO soon clarified that several parts brake during testing and that is why rigorous tests are done before launching a motorcycle commercially. The storm soon settled with most people agreeing to his point.

Now, the company has deleted the promotional video from its YouTube channel and has said that a new video will replace it soon. We believe that deleting the video was not necessary considering it has been seen and shared by a lot of people. Being confident about their product, they should have let the video be and added the new video too.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Promo Video

– Royal Enfield uploaded a promotional video of the Himalayan
– It showed the footpeg snapping off in one of the many landings
– The video has been deleted now
– It will soon be replaced with a new video

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Side
The Royal Enfield Himalayan has created a new segment of motorcycles
2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine
The Himalayan is powered by an all new 411cc, oil-cooled engine