Formula One. The name is enough to create that adrenaline rush in most of us. The speed, the precision, the controls are just mind-blowing that most of us dream to be in that driver’s seat. But what gives the car those features? The answer is definitely the cutting-edge technology used. So how many of us would like have to sneak-peak into what goes underneath the skin of a F1 racing car? Well, Sauber F1 team mechanics have made the task simpler for us by using their downtime (in the past two years) to slice a Formula One racing car lengthwise down the middle with the precision of true craftsman. The same has been video shot and made available for public viewing.

[youtube: 540 375]

“Formula One is all about cutting-edge technology. We’ve all seen countless pictures of racing cars, but wouldn’t it be great to really explore inside it – as if peering into the core of an apple?” Matt Morris, Chief Designer, Sauber F1, said.

Matt quite literally gets into the intricate details below the skin of the F1 car and points how the individual components are tightly packed within the chassis, so tight that there is no space even for the apple he spoke about. He goes on to explain how important it is to position and package all the components in a F1 car so that the overall weight is low, which in turn would reduce the center of gravity thus avoiding problems. Also, as part of the safety features, there is a fire extinguisher system as well as safety head padding that would protect the driver in case of any untoward incident. All in all, the F1 car provides safety and speed in every way to the driver.