The Automatic Transmission Scorpio will be available from December 2008. Mahindra has been testing the auto geared version since some time now and will price it 11+ lacs on the road. Such kind of pricing is not impressive by any means for a car which still needs major upgrades to its suspension for better ride and handling. The mHawk powered Scorpio VLX has 30k+ discounts on it.

The gearbox is a 6 speed one made by International system, Australia. The Scorpio now weights 70 kgs more and there is not much to distinguish the auto variant from the manual one except the auto badge at the rear and smaller hub caps. There is a dead pedal (aka clutch rest, but no clutch here)  The fuel efficiency will certainly reduce with 9 kmpl expected in the City and 13 on the higways. One of the main reasons why Mahindra is turning to auto tranny is that they plan to enter the U.S markets and 90% cars sold in the U.S are automatics.