As part of a global marketing initiative, Shell Lubricants has unveiled the Skoda World Rally Championship car, cut in half. The cut car showcased in Delhi, demonstrates Shell Helix Motor Oil’s Active Cleansing Technology that helps in keeping car engines ‘Clean on the Inside’. Shell Lubricants cut the Skoda Fabia rally car in half for the Shell Helix Ultra TV commercial that debuted globally last year.

Though unconventional, it was the best possible way to perfectly demonstrate the Shell Helix promise. Shell Lubricants’ team took an actual Skoda Fabia WRC car and sliced it in half with a 4-meter circular saw to shoot Shell Helix Ultra commercial. Once split in two it was easy to see that the one piece of equipment that was protected from the torture of a rally circuit was the engine. This proves that Shell Helix Ultra Motor Oil ensures the consumer always has an engine that is ‘Clean on the Inside’ no matter how dirty things get on the outside.

The half portion of the car will be taken across India to communicate Shell Lubricants strong brand message that focuses on engine cleanliness and protection. The car was flagged off from Mumbai during Shell’s Global Technology Forum and will be taken to other cities.