One of the largest lubricant companies, Shell has introduced a first-in-market lifetime engine warranty for buyers who use Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus technology synthetic engine oil.

Shell Lifetime Engine Warranty
The engine warranty will be applicable for 15 years or 1 lakh kms, whichever comes first

Shell engine oils are very popular in India and the company launched its newest offering, the Shell Helix Ultra synthetic oil with PurePlus technology in 2014. The company has now launched a lifetime engine warranty program in India and it sounds very interesting. So, what does this program offer? Customers who will be using Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus oil in their cars will be subjected to a warranty for engine parts and this warranty will last for 15 years or 1 lakh kms, whichever comes first.

Shell has invested over 40 years in research for their synthetic oil and it comes with lots of testing too. The oil is designed to provide the highest levels of cleansing and protection that an engine should get. The newest lubricant, i.e. PurePlus Technology is made from natural gas which is converted to clear oil without any impurities of crude oil. It is also tuned to improve a car’s overall fuel efficiency by 3%. Apart from this, customers who are using Shell Helix HX7 will also be eligible for a warranty of 5 years. Customers just need to register for their warranty on the Shell website for free.

However, there is some eligibility criteria involved too. First of all, the said car should be less than 8 years old at the time of starting the warranty enrolment. Small cars should have run less than 60,000 kms while other cars should have run less than 80,000 kms. Taxis, racing cars, LPG cars, aftermarket-fitted CNG cars and cars with tampered engines are not eligible for this program. Warranty will be applicable after a buffer period of 1 month or 1000 kms, whichever is later. The customer also needs to service the car at regular intervals as stated by the car’s OEM.

Shell Helix Warranty Toll Free Number – 1800 103 9481; Website –

Maruti Celerio Diesel Engine
Shell already has a tie-up with Maruti Suzuki for this program