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Interiors – Both the cars feature very modern interiors. The Maruti Suzuki Swift‘s interiors are well laid out and everything has been positioned very well. The black theme is broken by the silver inserts on the dashboard and there are some storage areas (below the AC switches and above the glove box) as well. The driver seat is comfortable to sit and so is the front passenger seat. It is only once you sit in the rear seat you realize the lack of space. The small windows and just about adequate legroom makes the rear not a pleasant place for passengers during long journeys.

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The Hyundai i-Gen i20 on the other hand features two-tone interiors, with a mix of black and beige. Not only does this give the interiors an airy feeling, it also makes you feel the inside of the i20 is much bigger than it appears. Hyundai has used silver inserts on the dashboard as well. The dashboard of the i20 is much bigger and has more features too. There are storage places here as well and the glovebox is so big that it puts the Swift’s glove box to utter shame. There is good amount of room for every occupant, right from the driver to the rear passengers and one can comfortably sit in the rear seats without worrying about space or claustrophobia.

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Not only does the Hyundai i20 offer a bigger boot (295 liters against Swift’s 206 liters), the i20 has a lower loading bay which is extremely practical for removing and putting stuff in the boot.

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