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Renault India has has understood that in order to become a volume player in the Indian market, small cars are the need of the hour. Currently Renault sells the Pulse small car in the country, which is nothing but a re-badged Micra. Renault has been testing the Modus on Indian roads for quite sometime now. On further inquiry, Renault said the Modus tests are part of the company’s global test schedule and the vehicle is not being launched in India. This reply was before the Pulse was first showcased (in the same week the maiden Indian GP was held).

Now Renault should consider bringing in the Modus to India, as the vehicle offers something different from other hatchbacks. The Modus has generous space (boot space of 293-litres) and Renault positions it as an MPV in international markets. The Modus is based on the V-Platform and measures less than 4-meters in length. It would use the engines found on the Pulse, helping it to classify as a small car and get lower excise benefits. With most of the parts being shared with the Pulse, the Modus could be priced very aggressively.

Renault is following a 5 product strategy for the Indian market. The French automaker will launch the Duster in October, followed by the Renault version of the Sunny (called the Scala). The Duster is the most important product for Renault in India and should get them the volumes they are looking for. But post the launch of the Duster, Renault needs to maintain momentum and a continuous onslaught of products will help them do that.

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