Silex Chreos Electric Vehicle Side

The future of luxurious electric vehicles seem to be nearing after we saw the vision of this Maltese power company and their ambitious luxury car Chreos. The Chreos is the brainchild of Silex Power, a power company based in Malta, which is has been in deep research for over a decade to utilize non-conventional energy resources to power the world. It all started with the realization of lack of an electric vehicle build specifically from scratch to be an ultimate electric vehicle. The best of structurally advanced materials have gone into the making and the body shell is made out of carbon-fibre and the car weighs about 2200 kgs.

The Silex Chreos is fast and a true luxurious electric vehicle which guarantees zero emission. It is quite big in size and the overall design too reminds us of those ultimate luxurious cars out there in the market. It measures about 5.42 metres in length, has a wheelbase of 3.54 metres, it is 2.16 metres wide and can seat four people inside. The company claims that the Chreos can boast of superior luxury and features on the inside. Silex is soon to let out the list of novelties, gadgetry and other technologies that will make its way inside the Chreos.

The performance figures make us wonder whether it is actually a zero-emission electric car. The Chreos is powered by four individual electric motors, one on each wheel, which enable it to possess a massive power of 640 BHP and let’s it twist a whopping 4400 Nm of torque. It can do 0-100 km/hr in less than 2.9 seconds and a 0-200 km/hr in less than 6 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 300 km/hr.

Apart from the impressive performance figures, what makes Chreos stand apart from other EV’s are a few considerations Silex Power has worked upon that had tagged electric vehicles inconvenient. The Chreos can run a stretch of 1000 kms at a single full charge at an average speed of 125 km/hr. And how much time for a single full charge? A miraculously claimed ten minutes, credits to their HyperCharge technology. The colour palette consists of Outer Space Black, Carbon Fibre, Anthracite, Casablanca White and Ultramarine Blue.

The Chreos is almost through its concept stage and will soon begin testing as a prototype followed by the production. The fact that Chreos will possess high-end luxury, ultimate performance and technology and will be totally hand-built with the most advanced materials quite answers the queries about its pricing.

Silex Chreos Electric Vehicle Front Overlook

Silex Chreos Electric Vehicle Front

Silex Chreos Electric Vehicle Black Front

Silex Chreos Electric Vehicle Black Rear