With rapidly growing demand among consumers in India for small cars, all the major car manufacturers are eyeing this high volume segment to increase their foothold in the country’s automotive market. Almost all the OEMs present in India have come up with their small car and many like Peugeot are following suit to enter into that. Skoda doesn’t want to be left behind and they are developing the Citigo, Skoda’s first small car for the Indian market. “The Citigo is one of the pillars of our growth strategy. It paves the way for tremendous opportunities in a new segment,” said Škoda Board Chairman Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “The Citigo is literally a ‘Simply Clever’ car. Despite its small size, it offers ample interior space; it is agile while frugal. Put simply: it’s an attractive choice offering many clever ideas. The car offers all of Škoda’s values in a compact package and fits perfectly with our aims.”

He also added that, “The demand for small cars with low fuel consumption, at a favourable price and with reasonable operating costs, is growing.” According to recent reports, the car was supposed to be unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo to be held in 2012. But, according to sources, the car might not after all come to the Auto Expo. The reason for the delay is however not clear till now. The Citigo is going to be powered by a 1 litre engine which will produce a power of 60bhp. The engines and the transmission have been designed to provide optimum economy in cities and their surroundings. The Skoda Citigo is now expected to be launched after the launch of the new Volkswagen Up!, VW’s latest new compact car. The Up! is due to come to India very soon.

Skoda CitiGo 5-Door