Skoda Rapid CNG Spotted
The car seen waiting in a queue for its turn to fill up its CNG tank

Skoda might launch the CNG variant of the Rapid soon as the sedan was spotted recently at a refuelling station.

If and when it gets launched, the Rapid CNG would be powered by the same 1.0-litre TSI petrol motor. However, necessary changes will be made to the unit for it to be able to run efficiently on CNG.

In international markets, VW and Skoda are known to offer CNG variants in their cars. VW for example calls it the TGI. On the Polo, the 3-cylinder engine that runs on CNG puts out 90 PS.

But, the hatchback, when fitted with a 13.8 kg CNG tank, does 368 km on one tank under the WLTP cycle. As a back-up, it also has a small petrol tank, so that drivers are not stranded when they run out of gas, no literally.

CNG is known to contain a significantly higher amount of energy and a lower carbon fraction than either mainstream fuels. Thus, cars running on CNG produce around 25 percent fewer CO2 emissions than when run on petrol.

Also, CNG contains less carbon monoxide, NOx and the fraction of soot is minimal. But, the biggest advantage would be the lower cost at which CNG can be purchased. So, those looking to save some cash would naturally look into it.

Coming back to the topic, we might assume that the Skoda Rapid CNG spotted at the refuelling station would have specifications similar to that of the Polo TGI.

Of course, if launched by Skoda, the technology will come factory-fit, thus buyers need not have to worry about safety, something that aftermarket fitments cannot guarantee.

Expect Skoda Rapid CNG to command a premium over the petrol-powered models that begin from Rs. 7.49 lakhs (ex-showroom). That said, would VW launch the Vento CNG, since both Rapid and Vento as sister cars? Only time will tell.

Skoda Rapid CNG Spotted

  • Skoda Rapid CNG variant has been spotted
  • The carmaker might launch the CNG variant of the sedan soon
  • Will command a cost premium over the petrol variants
Skoda Rapid CNG Spied
Factory-fit CNG kits with warranty would offer buyers peace of mind

Image Source – Autogram07 on Instagram