Skoda Yeti Off-Road Performance

Skoda recently organized a media event where a setup of Slaloms and wet zones were created to demonstrate the features of Skoda Yeti. Skoda had us drive around with one of their experts on an off-roading track laid out by them to showcase the technological advancements or the car and also, its off roading abilities. At first the expert drove us around a very tightly packed course where the tight turning radius of the Skoda and the handling were to be seen. The car can be literally compared to the best of sedans when it comes to the handing and turning abilities. Its just a tad bit over the 4-meter mark and that makes it extremely mobile. Easy to drive. This was also seen when the Parktronic feature was tested. The car was very easily parked in the tightest of spots.

Skoda Yeti Performance Drive

Then the expert put the grunt in the Skoda’s 2.0 TDi engine on full display. He accelerated to 40 kmph and came to a full stop in about 200 meters. We were also showen how the car had absolutely no difficulty stopping on slippery, wet and muddy surfaces.

Skoda Yeti Descent Control

Yeti Hill Descent Control

The most interesting feature though was the descent control. The expert had the car on a 25 degree incline and he let go off the clutch and break, leaving the car in neutral. The hill descent control pretty much brought the car down on its own without any effort. Impressive is an understatement. The car for its price packs a real punch in terms of technology, quality and overall abilities. It fits perfectly towards all lifestyles and is the perfect city car in my opinion at least. Now only if the car was in my budget.

Skoda Yeti Off-Road Experience

Yeti Slalom Test

Yeti Performance Drive

Yeti Off Road Drive

Yeti Drive Experience India

Yeti 4-wheel Drive Experience

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– Ankit Sethi
Special Correspondent