Skoda Laura RS

When Skoda launched the new Octavia in India, it did not want to discontinue the old Octavia. Just like most automakers were exploiting this opportunity, so did Skoda and position the new Octavia as a premium by naming it Laura. The old Octavia continued to sell and Skoda made all the hay it could, while the sun shone bright and strong. However soon, new competitors entered and the Octavia became history. Skoda had to discontinue the Octavia, and the upcoming Rapid sedan will take its place. Naturally the Octavia tag is no longer being used on any of the Czech car makers vehicles. Thus the company has decided to drop the Laura tag for the next iteration of the car and rename it the Octavia. The next generation Octavia is scheduled for global and Indian release in 2013. It is expected to heavily draw inspiration from the Vision D Concept.