The service allows riders to rent a motorcycle or scooter for a day and currently has 10 two-wheelers as part of its fleet and will add 100 more in the days to come.

2012 Honda Activa Test Ride Review
The Honda Activa can be rented at an introductory price of Rs. 399/- per day

While Goa is usually known to be the two-wheeler place when it comes to easy to go bike renting services, Snap Bikes have made the same service available in the growing city of Pune. A venture by Elite Celebrations, Snap Bikes has the necessary approvals from the State Transport Authority (STA) and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and currently has an arsenal of 10 two-wheelers including the Honda Activa, Hero Passion Pro as well as the Royal Enfield Desert Storm.

While owning and maintaining a bike may not suit your necessities, most crave for the occasional ride on the weekends or running city errands on an off day and this is where Snap Bikes come into play. One can rent a scooter or a motorcycle from the company which costs anything between Rs. 399 a day for the Activa going up to Rs. 999 a day for a Royal Enfield (service charges as applicable). All bikes come with GPS trackers fitted to know the bike’s movements at all times and it has been asked to maintain a log by the RTO.

In addition, the rider and pillion can also rent helmets at an additional cost of Rs. 15 a day each. The rental service also plans to add Harley-Davidsons to their lineup in the near future and intends to take the fleet to a total of 100 two-wheelers. There will be separate teams looking after maintenance and repairs on the two-wheelers and the company also will be providing roadside service facility. While the service is exclusive to Pune at present with 15 pick-up points to be opened soon, Snap Bikes plan to expand the service in other cities as well in the near future.

The Desert Storm will set you back by Rs. 999/- for a day’s rental