Wiper Speed Setting

It is recommended to replace wiper blades to get the maximum visibility on roads. On average, wiper blades tend to last for over a year or two and are a necessary safety feature you can’t overlook. The blades are made out of rubber and dry out with time due to constant exposure to the sun. Even after routine maintenance, you will have to change the wiper blades as they are bound to perish after a certain period of use.

So when is the right time to change the wiper blades? Just like your car will give you signs before breaking down, wiper blades too will exhibit certain symptoms that will tell you it’s time to do the needful replacement.

It is time to replace your wiper blades when –

Wiper Blades Causes

  1. It starts skipping
  2. It starts streaking
  3. It starts splitting
  4. It starts squeaking

Steps to replace the Wiper Blades  –

Step 1 – Buy a New set of wiper blades

Once you have determined replacing the wiper blades, after the aforementioned problems started showing up, head on to a car accessories retailer or online to buy new ones. You can refer to the owner’s manual when purchasing a new blade. Any mainstream retailer will be able to guide you to buying the right wiper blade or fill in your car’s make and model on an online store and they will deliver the right blades.

Step 2 – Lift the wiper arm

Lift the wiper arm as you would while washing the car. For safety purposes, put a thick towel on the windshield, in case the wiper arm slips and snaps back at the windshield causing damage.

Step 3 – Remove the old wiper blade

The wiper blade is connected to the arm with a hook or pins, varying upon the car you use. Press the tab on the wiper arm that connects the wiper blade to the wiper arm.  Keeping the tab pressed, push the blade to slide down along the wiper arm. The old blade will thus be removed from the arm. Do not let the wiper arm slip and fall on the windshield at this point.

Step 4 – Place the new wiper blade

Slide the new wiper blade the same way you removed the old blade. Once the new wiper blade is in place turn the new blade until you hear the *snap* sound of the wiper blade locking in with the wiper arm.

The left side wiper blade is smaller than the right side wiper blade (Driver’s perspective), so make sure you get the sides right before installing. Some wiper blades’ replacement can be a little more complicated like that on the Honda Civic. If you feel it is too complicated; ask your mechanic or the company service station to make the change for you. If you have a wiper blade for the rear windshield, make sure to get it replaced as well.

Always remember to keep your windshield clean to avoid unnecessary damage to the wiper blades. Top off the windshield washer fluid at regular intervals. Purchasing a wiper blade is an investment; don’t go for the very cheap ones or the very expensive ones. Look for what suits your car and your need. If you feel, that the wiper arm is damaged, it is best to repair or change the arm as soon as possible.

Image Credit – RainX