Do you want a Tata Nano and happen to reside in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan? Well the health department of the state is offering an incentive to its citizens, wherein if they offer to get sterlized, they have a chance to win a Tata Nano. The Nano has surely become a famous brand but its sales depict otherwise. There are also other prizes to be won including motorcycles, TVs, Mixer, etc in the sterlization drive. Census 2011 has shown a 11.8% population growth over the decade in Jhunjhunu, which is way higher than population growth in the country.

Why was the Tata Nano chosen in this incentive? Could it be because it conveys the message of keeping a family Nano or is it because its the world’s cheapest car? Whatever said and done, Tata Motors sure is receiving some media coverage, whether its because of population control or fire!