Tata Nano Twist Power Steerig Review

The Tata Nano, which was a very ambitious car when launched few years back, did not manage to sell in numbers that were expected by its maker. Tata kept on updating and improving this small and practical hatchback but the sales didn’t grow significantly. The Nano got a ‘cheap car’ image from buyers and that was a major factor which led people to move away from showrooms. While Tata has added several cosmetic and practical upgrades on the Nano since launch, what the company is planning to do now seems very exciting i.e. introduce turbocharged and electric versions of the vehicle.

The Tata Nano has never got any mechanical update ever since it was launched. While a power steering was added recently, the engine has never been tweaked. Now it has been learnt that Tata Motors is working on a turbocharged petrol engine that will be plonked in the Nano. This model is aimed at buyers looking for a fun-to-drive vehicle that is also immensely practical in the city. The small size of the Nano really helps while parking and driving through narrow lanes. It is speculated that the turbocharged Nano will be launched during the festive season this year itself.

Another model of the hatchback is also in the pipeline, i.e. Nano e-rev. The e-rev project by Tata is a bid to make its vehicles more efficient and these electric vehicles will be aimed for the Indian as well as overseas markets. The Nano e-rev is undergoing development and there is still time for its launch. Electric vehicles require special policies to be passed by the government and Tata Motors is really optimistic that the electric Nano sees the light of the day. Along with these models, the Nano Twist Active will also be launched later this year and it will be equipped with an AMT gearbox.

Tata Nano Twist Interiors

Tata Nano Twist Test Drive

Source – Autocar Professional