Surendran Yamaha Gladiator

I am Surendran Gothandapani from Tirupur, Tamilnadu. I started loving bikes from my young age itself because my uncle used to ride bikes very fast and do some stunts, so I also wanted to be a good rider. I am from a middle class family, so my parents were not able to buy a bike for me. But after I completed my college studies I joined a office as a computer operator, my love with the bikes too grew well. At last I decided to buy a bike of my own.

Yamaha Gladiator Speedometer

There were a lot of options in the market but I wanted a Yamaha bike, I wanted a new one so I couldn’t get a RX100, I had lot of comparisons and discussions finally I decided to go for a Gladiator which suited my buy budget and had decent performance as well, finally I bought it on September 2010. I am not a person who use bikes to reach a place, I go to a place to go by bike. Till now I have done 8500 kms, two trips to Ooty (about 250 kms each) and one to Tanjore (about 500 kms) and lots of small trips about 100 – 150 kms.

Yamaha Gladiator On Sand

I love my bike a lot because it is the first bike of mine and it loves me too thats how much I love it. It has never let me down in any conditions, it is my best friend whenever I feel stressed I go for a trip somewhere and I feel better. Being a bike lover I am interested in lot of bikes, I prefer naked bikes and cruisers than sports bikes (some exceptions). There are lot of bikes which I dream about. My dream bikes are Suzuki Hayabusa, Intruder 1800, Ducati 1100 Monster Evo, Ducati Streetfighter S, Boss Hoss (only one ride), Triumph Thruxton, Triumph Rocket III, Most of the Yamahas (if a get a chance to own).

Yamaha Gladiator

I am interested in Bullets and I am planning to buy it as soon as possible. Those who own a car or bike please take care of it, then only it will take care of you and earn you a lot of respect from others. Hope I am not making you bored. Thanks a lot for giving a chance to share my feelings and dreams.