Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Spec Comparison

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125

The maxi-scooter trend in India was revived by the Suzuki Burgman in mid-2018. Since then, Indians have been eyeing the entry-level maxi-scooters over conventional scooters. They are big on space, offer lovely comfort and are different. Hence many manufacturers are trying to have a piece of this pie. The Aprilia SXR 125 is the direct competitor to the Burgman, which was the unchallenged king before. With both models coming into the picture, which one should you take home? We help you decide better with our detailed spec comparison between the two.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Design

Like me, if the maxi-scooters interest you, choosing the good-looker is very difficult here. Surely, the Burgman has grown on us and looks very attractive. The presence of creases, edges, and moulds make the Burgman look quite dynamic. There haven’t been any cosmetic updates for the 2021 model year other than the addition of a new Matte blue colour. So, the Burgman looks exactly the same as its previous iteration. The chunky front still continues with halogen indicators. And with scooters crossing the Rs. 1 lakh mark, LED indicators are expected. As seen before, the side profile looks spacious and comfortable. Despite the trolling and heavy criticism, the 10-inch tyre remains unchanged. Overall, the Burgman still looks neat and fresh.

The SXR 125 is a handsome fresher in this segment. It is the carbon copy of its elder sibling, the SXR 160. The Aprilia looks very Italian, it looks smooth, it doesn’t have many sharp lines, cuts or creases. Straight off, it looks very premium. The tri-split headlamp setup and the tinted visor enhance the maxi scooter appeal. Although the footboard area does seem a lot smaller than the Burgman, comfort is equally good here. The taillamps also get the split finish which looks pretty good and complements the width of the scooter. And unlike the Burgman, the SXR gets a wider and larger 12-inch tyre. However, the exhaust doesn’t complement the overall big maxi-scooter appeal that the SXR is trying to convey.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Features

Let’s discuss the common bits first. Both contenders sport LED head and tail lighting, an LCD instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity (optional), and a USB/12V charging port. However, on taking a close look, the Aprilia seems to outperform the Burgman. It gets LED indicators, a tachometer, distance to empty and a large 7-litre fuel tank as opposed to the Burgman’s 5.5-litre unit. However, in our opinion, the Burgman has a better laid-out cluster and offers better readability due to its bigger font size.

The Burgman makes a comeback with a few intelligent features. Firstly, an integrated boot-release switch placed in the ignition slot. Secondly, a closed cubby hole that has a 12V charging port and, is deep enough to house today’s big-screen smartphones. And on the right, an open cubby hole that can easily house a 1-litre bottle. However, the Aprilia fights back with its better switchgear setup as it gets a “mode” button on the right switchgear to toggle through the instrument cluster. And the Burgman answers that with an engine kill-switch that the Aprilia lacks.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Ergonomics

In general, maxi-scooters are big on space, offer generous comfort, and so is the case with these two too. The Aprilia offers a seat height of 775 mm, which is 5 mm less than the Burgman’s 780 mm. The handlebar feels light, and the perforated handlebar grips feel good to hold. Overall, this combination is awesome for long rides. But, due to their tapered shape, the mirrors don’t offer a wide view of what’s behind. Although the seat is big on space, it is a bit too hard for our liking. Overall, the SXR aces the space game but takes a hit when it comes to seating comfort.

The Burgman offers similar ergonomics. Its USP is a wider footboard with well-angled footrests that help the rider stretch out good. The seat is good for two, and the cushioning is quite supportive, not too soft, not too hard. In the real world, the extra 5 mm of seat height isn’t as evident. That is because the seat narrows towards the front. And adding to that is the low-set handlebar, which increases the likeability of the Burgman for short riders. Lastly, the mirrors offer decent visibility of the world behind. And because of its narrow width of 715 mm, it will be a friendlier option in the city.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Performance

Powering the Suzuki Burgman is a 124cc, 2-valve engine, which produces 8.58 BHP at 6740 RPM and 10 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. Performance from this motor feels adequate, but the nature of the engine likes to take it a bit easy. The fuel supply managed by a fuel injection system has improved the throttle response. However, the SXR is the one with a better exhaust note as it sounds very bassy. Given that the Burgman produces 0.8 BHP less than the SXR, it balances that out by offering 0.8 Nm of extra torque over the SXR. And since it weighs a good 18 kg less than the Aprilia, it returns a better fuel economy of 44 km/l, and with its rather small 5.5-litre fuel tank, the riding range lies at 240 km.

The SXR uses a 124.45cc, 3-valve engine, which churns out 9.38 BHP at 7600 RPM and 9.2 Nm of torque at 6250 RPM. Due to its additional weight, the SXR feels a bit sluggish in the low end but picks up pace pretty well. The refinement levels are close to the Suzuki motor but not there yet as it feels a bit raw. Though it has a loud and bassy exhaust, the fan noise overpowers it as it is very loud. Nevertheless, the SXR feels a lot rev-happy and much peppier than the Burgman. Again the SXR is let down by its weight, as it returns only about 39 km/l. However, to compensate for that, it has a big 7-litre fuel tank which brings the riding range to an impressive figure of 270 km.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Handling

Straight away, let me tell you that the Aprilia is the better handling scooter here. The suspension setup offers good high-speed stability and excellent feedback. The undertone chassis provides a feedback-rich, supportive ride. One crucial factor here is the tyres. The SXR is gripped by 120 section, 12-inch tyres at both ends which provide excellent corner grip and phenomenal steering response. But if you are looking out for comfort then, the SXR isn’t the right choice for you. When it comes to city tasks, the SXR might be tough to squeeze in while traffic filtering because of its 803 mm width and 1361 mm of wheelbase. The brakes pack immense stopping force and the scooter stops right in time.

The Burgman is the comfier option here. It is best suited for relaxed cruising and moving in and around the city. It feels nimble while tacking the city streets and quite planted on the highway too. However, due to the small 90 section, 10-inch tyre at the rear, it tends to step out whilst cornering hard. The handlebar feels direct and the overall feedback from the chassis is satisfactory. It has a very strong low-end, a punchy mid-range however, the top-end feels flat. The 1265 mm wheelbase allows you to flick the Burgman and make tight manoeuvres which are very likeable. Lastly, the braking performance is just about alright, a little more sharpness in the initial bite would be appreciated.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs Aprilia SXR 125 Verdict

It’s all about the price! The SXR demands a premium of Rs. 29,000/- which is just too much! Clearly, the Burgman is the more sensible choice here. It is a very versatile option as it offers good riding dynamics with unmatched comfort. If your work requires you to make frequent trips in and around the city, then the Burgman sounds like the right choice to me. But, if performance and agile handling is your call then there’s nothing better than the SXR 125 in the 125cc maxi-scooter range.

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