The Suzuki Gixxer got our thumbs up in various reviews and the same has reflected in its sales. The bike has been received very well in the market and is selling in very good numbers.

Yamaha FZ vs Gixxer vs Trigger vs Apache
The Gixxer has raced past the CB Trigger in October 2014 by selling more

We have been bringing you regular updates about sales in the Indian 2-wheeler market and you must be aware about the ballpark sales of almost every motorcycle brand by now. It’s no secret that the Bajaj Pulsar rules in the 150cc segment, that despite it being the second oldest offering (the oldest and also the most dated is of course the Honda Unicorn). When we started posting sales numbers, we were equally shocked to see Yamaha’s performance, selling more than 20,000 units of the FZ series (post the arrival of the V2). So yes, Yamaha sits on the number two spot in this segment.

Then it’s the Honda Unicorn which sells around 16-17,000 units every month on average while the company’s CB Trigger only manages 4000-4500 odd units. Last month, Suzuki sold 4588 units of the Gixxer in the Indian market, which puts the recently launched bike ahead of the premium Honda 150cc in the segment. With the Trigger not having been received very well and an upcoming 160cc bike around the corner, sales of the Trigger have naturally dropped but it was never a hot seller anyway. Meanwhile the GS150R continues to post dismal numbers (74 units), we all know it’s on its way out.

Hero MotoCorp has done decently in the 150cc segment, the Impulse does negligible numbers while the Achiever manages to sell in small quantities but nothing substantial. The Hunk doesn’t sell much either while the Xtreme is the top seller in this category for India’s largest 2-wheeler maker. Sales of all these four bikes combined was just 4610 units last month and that could be due to two reasons. Anticipation of the Xtreme Sports (also dispatches of the new Xtreme not being on full steam) and the Suzuki Gixxer.

While the 155cc bike’s mainly rival is the Yamaha FZ, sales of the street-fighter from the R1 maker hasn’t been affected so naturally the bike with a superbike name is affecting Hero and Honda. The Activa maker has an answer but how will Hero respond because the Xtreme Sports won’t do much to fend off the Japanese.

Trigger vs Gixxer vs FZ vs Apache
These four bikes comprise of the premium 150cc segment