Tata Aria - Side view

Tata Motors had high expectations from the Aria when they launched it last year. However the crossover failed to reach sales figure anywhere close to the Toyota Innova. There was no option for Tata Motors but to reposition the MPV by reducing the price. The company is now launching the Aria 4×2, which loses the expensive 4-wheel drive mechanism. The low cost version of the Tata Aria will be launched by the end of the month, at a price of Rs. 1.5 lakhs cheaper than the 4×4 version. Some of the dealers have received the Aria 4×2 and have commenced bookings already.

Tata Aria Interiors

Now the main question is whether the cheaper Tata Aria will bring in the sales number which were expected from it in the first place. Where did Tata Motors go wrong? The company was looking at positioning the Aria against the CR-V and the likes at a cheaper price, offering the same levels of equipments. However buyers perceived the Aria as a Innova competitor and we already know which MPV with the T badge would be most people’s choice.