Tata has once again claimed the top position in the most valuable companies of India with brand value exceeding US$15 billion (Rs. 96,000 crores) beating many other companies.

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For the common man of India, Tata has been a company which they could trust upon. Built on strong ethics and principles, the conglomerate is the leader in many sectors it operates in. The brand value of the Indian company has been constantly rising over the years and it has been the leader amongst the Indian companies. This year however, they managed to cross the figure of a staggering Rs. 96,000 crores for the first time. They beat companies like SBI, LIC and Reliance to emerge as a leader and that says a lot about the brand’s popularity.

However, the passenger car division hasn’t been able to leverage upon the brand value of the main brand and has been witnessing a downfall since some time. No completely new products has been a major reason for this, added to the fact that the sales and service experience of the company doesn’t match its rivals. Even though the company launched new products like the Zest and Bolt, they didn’t get their due credit since they reminded people of the older vehicles, certain elements of which are reminiscent in the newer vehicles too.

We believe that Tata Motors needs a complete change of strategy wherein they should launch completely new products which do not have any niggles, improve the service levels by several notches and improve the sales experience. All this can be done by motivating the staff and training them along with hiring new staff from the best institutes. Followed by this, they should design a totally new campaign to improvise the car division’s image and paint a different picture in the customer’s mind. All of the steps are difficult but not impossible to do considering the group has the required finances for it. The automaker is on the right path to recovery but how long will it take for Tata Motors to get its due?

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