2012 Tata Nano Special Edition

The Tata Nano, after facing very slow sales since its launch, has finally secured its place in the list of top 10 highest selling cars in India. With significant sales after August this year, and 18 percent growth as compared to last year, resulted in the Nano acquiring ninth place. In spite of sales of petrol cars plummeting and even the long running highest selling car of India, the Maruti Suzuki Alto, selling slower than previous years, the Nano making it into the top ten list is commendable.

Marred due to its ‘cheap’ and ‘unsafe’ image initially, the space, practicality, value for money and fuel efficiency offered by the Nano went unnoticed resulting in buyers looking elsewhere for a cheap petrol hatchback. But with the 2012 edition being launched, many changes occurred with new colors, better overall styling and improved quality attracted young buyers. Tata Motors said that 20 percent of the owners are women and 42 percent of the owners are below the age of 35. So the changes made by the company to improve the image of the car has worked to a certain extent.

Now with a more powerful 800cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine as well as a diesel engine in the pipeline, the Nano, will be in contention for more buyers. The Nano will become the cheapest diesel passenger car available in the country (and even the world) resulting in a definite advantage. In today’s congested traffic conditions, high fuel prices and lack of space in big cities, the Nano makes a compelling case for itself.

Tata Motors should take this opportunity to revamp the image of the car as a great practical car for the young generation and price the diesel version very competitively and they will have a winner in their hands. The Nano definitely has tremendous potential but only if the company can play their cards right.

Source – Live Mint