Tata Tiago Diesel Long Term
The Tata Tiago is an excellent step-up from older cars that rolled out from the automaker

Tata Tiago Diesel Long Term Review

Long Term Test No. 141

Car Tested: Tata Tiago Diesel
Kms Done: 24,925 kms
Test Started at: 4829 kms
Test Concluded at: 29,754 kms
Mileage: 18.1 km/l, 22.4 km/l (best), 13.8 km/l (worst)
Fuel Consumed: 1377-litres
Fuel Cost: Rs. 92,259/-
Rs. per km: Rs. 3.70/-

The Tata Tiago has left a very good impression; feels well worth the price

The Tata Tiago has been part of our long term fleet since a long time now. The car is almost touching 30,000 kms and everyone in the team has driven it extensively. The Tiago has left us impressed because this Tata hatchback comes at a good price and feels well built for the price, along with offering a complete package of features, comfort and efficiency. I drove the Tiago in its last stint with us and I feel Tata Motors has got it right this time, but the only annoyances are the inconsistent niggles that pop in their cars. For instance, our Tiago diesel had a variety of small issues.

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Our long term Tiago developed some small niggles

All of us follow a rule of making sure every passenger in the car is belted up all the time without any exception but our test car’s seat belt reminder kept ringing all the time and what’s worse is that the alarm got even louder and annoying at high speeds after completing a few kms. The other issue was with the left ORVM and the glovebox. The ORVM started vibrating more than usual while the glovebox would pop itself open at every small pothole the car went over.

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The Tiago isn’t too big, which is a boon if you drive in crowded areas

Keeping all these issues aside, our experience with the Tiago has been pleasant. It has a compact footprint which makes it very convenient for the city. The car fits in just about anywhere and it is also quite nimble to drive in traffic. Parking has never been an issue because outward visibility is very good and the parking sensors do their job well. The music system is another talking point of the hatchback and the speakers produce very nice quality sound but sometimes the Bluetooth connection felt buggy and it wouldn’t connect to my phone seamlessly. Also, when you put the car in reverse gear then back, the audio track via Bluetooth starts playing again.