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If you want a small car, the Tiago makes for a good bet

All of us have really liked the Tata Tiago as a package and it is very good to see Tata Motors taking huge strides in improving their products. Sure, our particular Tiago has had some niggles but I feel some of those issues could be specific to our car because media cars tend to be driven by a variety of journalists and are usually manufactured in the initial lots. All this aside, I have been whole heartedly recommending the Tata Tiago to a lot of people because it makes a lot of sense as a value-for-money offering. It is now time to say goodbye to our Tiago because it has been replaced by a Hexa AT as our new long termer.

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The Tiago also comes with a petrol engine with an AMT option

What’s Cool

* Compact dimensions make it easy to drive
* Interior feels well equipped for the price
* Offers excellent fuel efficiency
* Ride and handling balance is good

What’s Not So Cool

* Engine feels strained on the highways
* Lots of small quality issues

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The Tiago is definitely going to be missed

Testers’ Note:

“The Tiago is Tata’s comeback car and there is a reason why it is selling so well, simply because as a small car, it’s just brilliant. One of the few cars at this price point that drives well and yet offers supreme comfort with a ton of practicality bits too. The engine feels peppy for the city although more features and performance would have made this car an even better deal.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“I was quite impressed with the Tiago when it was launched. Extremely VFM package and a good quality Tata hatch. We’ve driven it multiple times but this time around I felt that it has started showing its age too quick. Might be the case with our test car but there were multiple quality issues. Nonetheless, the Tiago looks good, is very easy to drive in the city and offers excellent ride quality.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assistant Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Tiago sometimes feels a little low on power but the small dimensions make it a perfect city car. Finding a parking spot with the Tiago was never an issue. The Tiago also comes with the Harman music system which is the best I’ve heard in any car at this price point. I’ve driven the long term Tiago for a good time and liked it so much that I actually went ahead and bought one. No wonder the sales of the Tiago are so great, the car is perfect for city driving and works brilliantly well with our current road conditions in Mumbai.” – Dhanil Vira, 2-Wheeler Editor, MotorBeam.

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