Tata CNG Cars
The carmaker wants to have all fronts covered

Tata Motors has announced it will launch CNG-powered cars in India this fiscal year in a bid to bolster its passenger vehicle range which comprises both ICE and electric vehicles.

President of Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, Shailesh Chandra recently revealed that the firm will introduce CNG options of some models in the current fiscal.

Such models will come with a factory fitted CNG kit. At present customers of Tata have the option to get CNG kits fitted to their 4-wheeler at some of the brand’s dealerships.

The carmaker might have taken the decision to offer CNG variants of its products in the wake of soaring fuel rates. With its Nexon EV already doing well in the market, an additional range of Tata CNG cars would only further complement its multipronged strategy.

Thus far, the plan seems to have worked, for Tata’s passenger vehicle business posted highest sales in 9 years in March 2021 and fourth quarter (Q4) FY21, while annual sales was highest in 8 years in FY21.

By adding a range of Tata CNG cars, the company will look to continue the strong run. Tata is even confident that it can tackle disruptions in 2021 owing to the second wave of COVID-19 thanks to the lessons it learned last year.

Rising fuel costs could force buyers with a budget into choosing CNG vehicles

Source – IANSLive.in