2014 Tata Zest Review

The Zest and the Bolt are products that will redefine Tata Motors in the years to come. Not only has the company worked on more evolved and fun to drive vehicles, but is also working to change the perception of providing poor and flimsy quality on its vehicles. The idea is to change the perspective by which customers see brand Tata in the market. With a tonne of goodies on offer inside the cabin along with potent powertrains, Tata Motors is going the whole nine yards in customer satisfaction and will also provide a 6 year warranty period on the compact sedan.

Included in the price of the Zest, Tata is expected to offer three years warranty and an additional three years of extended warranty for the first few months of sale, post launch. While the warranty will only cover manufacturing defects, the three-year annual-maintenance extended coverage will take care of any other issue the customer may face. In addition to the 6 year warranty period, Tata Motors will also offer free 24×7 Roadside assistance to its customers.

The added warranty only goes out to show Tata’s faith in its new generation of vehicles, and the automaker wants to pass on the benefit to customers. The 6 year warranty only makes the package look more attractive and will give the automaker an edge over the competition. Apart from providing the extended warranty period, Tata Motors will also introduce the new CRMNEXT strategy that will see the entire servicing registration process happen digitally via the VTAB application, thereby saving time and improving efficiency in work.

With the new range of products lined up for launch in the coming years, Tata Motors is all set to change the company brand image for a more upmarket appeal. Extending the makeover service, the automaker took efforts to revamp its 250 passenger vehicle dealerships across the country spending around Rs. 30 lakh on each of the showrooms for the renovation. The company has also hired 3000 additional staff nationally that are being trained and will be ready by August.

Tata has been heavily marketing and promoting the Zest at every given platform, building up a huge momentum prior to launch. There are ringtones, mobile racing games, and special pre-launch drives of the Zest for all stakeholders including dealers and financiers, who will aid in the sales process. The company’s expansive social media presence has added towards building the hype prior to the launch next month.

Powered by a 1.2-litre Revotron motor, the engine is offered with 3 driving modes and is the most affordable turbocharged petrol motor in the market. The 1.3-litre diesel engine on the other hand is paired to an AMT gearbox and is the least expensive diesel automatic available in the country. The Zest is one of the first products to have been developed at Tata offices in India, Italy and the UK, and the collaboration will extend to all Tata vehicles in the future.

Tata Zest Interior Shot

Tata Zest Revotron Engine

Tata Zest Rear End

Update – Tata Motors has confirmed with us that the news of 6-years warranty isn’t true.