Even as Tata Motors is gearing up for the much-awaited Nano launch, India’s top vehicle maker is working with a Norway-based company to produce an electric car.

The new car is expected to hit the Indian roads this financial year, said chairman Ratan Tata at the company’s AGM here on Thursday. However, Mr Tata did not disclose the possible price range for the electric car.

Electric car, or e-car, is the new super kid in the world of automobiles. Global auto majors like GM, Nissan and Honda are all putting greater focus on e-vehicles while cutting down on the production of fuel-guzzling light trucks and SUVs.

Several developed and developing markets are likely to see e-car launches this year. Electric cars have been a success in a few markets like the US.

However, e-cars are more expensive than petrol or gasoline-driven vehicles. Besides, such offerings have to be matched with the right infrastructure like charging stations. Tata Motors, it may be mentioned, has teamed up with the US auto major Chrysler to market the Ace electric version (EV) in the US market in early 2009. The company is also developing an eco-car with the Thai government.