Tata EV Platform
Developing EV architecture from the ground up has many merits

Tata Motors is set to introduce a new skateboard EV platform in the near future

In January, Tata’s decision to develop a new electric vehicle (EV) platform named ‘Sigma’ to underpin a range of battery-powered cars came to light.

But that is the company’s short-term plan and the Sigma platform’s roots can be traced back to the ALFA platform that underpins cars like the Altron and the Punch.

In the long run, however, Tata aims to invest in a completely new EV architecture that will bear no roots to any of the brand’s platforms designed to house an internal combustion engine.

Hyundai E-GMP Structure
Tata is said to be looking to benchmark is new EV platform against the Hyundai E-GMP

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEML) has decided that a skateboard EV platform is the way to go, for it would enable the company to develop several futuristic products unconstrained by the limitations of an ICE platform.

This new EV platform from Tata will arrive after the second phase of the company’s EV strategy, scheduled to begin with the Sierra EV from 2025, is well set in motion.

Thus, in the third phase, Tata’s EVs will have more space on the inside and thanks to the skateboard platform, they will have longer wheelbase, radical exterior design, more range and better efficiency.

The carmaker is currently said to be evaluating whether it would make more sense to develop the skateboard architecture on its own or if it can purchase it from an independent supplier.