Tesla Model 3 Front
The EV’s launch has been delayed!

The ground clearance of the Tesla Model 3 EV is not enough to clear speed bumps in India

The Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) might not become Tesla’s the first car to be introduced in India due to it not having sufficient ground clearance to deal with improper roads here.

Road tests have proven that the Model 3’s 140 mm ground clearance is not enough to clear many speed breakers present in India.

The Indian arm of IDIADA Automotive Technology, which tested the Model 3, has reportedly stated that the EV bottomed out on 160 of the 200 speed bumps it attempted to clear.

Thus, the engineering company has recommended that Tesla re-engineer the Model 3’s suspension to raise its ground clearance to 165 mm, an increase of 25 mm.

Tesla Model 3 Spotted
This goes to show how ‘different’ Indian roads are

It must be noted that the Model 3’s long wheelbase of 2875 mm compounds the EV’s ground clearance issue, in India at least.

As a result of the finding, the Tesla Model 3 EV launch will likely happen later than expected due to the automaker having to work on the suspension of its entry-level sedan.

It is likely that the first model from Tesla’s stable to be introduced in India by the second quarter of 2022 would be the Model Y crossover that has 167 mm ground clearance which should prove to be enough to tackle our roads.