Here’s a look at the top 10 fuel efficient motorcycles in India which is mostly dominated by motorcycles from the Hero stable. No Honda bike features in this list.

Fuel efficiency! I really don’t feel like saying much more because it is well understood. The two words which are often used together when talking about automobiles is considered as an important, if not the major contributing factor for vehicle sales in India. When talking about two-wheelers, fuel efficiency is often placed alongside the brand called Hero. Known to manufacture customer oriented motorcycles, Hero has been the world leader when we talk about motorcycle sales for a long time now (which is a very big recognition). So here are the current top 10 most fuel efficient motorcycles in the country.

Top Fuel Efficient Bikes India
Hero takes 7 of the top 10 positions in the most fuel efficient bike list

The Hero Splendor iSmart returned a mileage of 102 km/l in a test conducted by the iCAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology). The test gave Hero Splendor iSmart the world’s most fuel efficient motorcycle accolade, thereby ending rival Bajaj’s reign at the top of the mileage charts with the Platina 100 ES in India. Following them is the Splendor Pro and Splendor Pro Classic cafe racer from the Hero Splendor portfolio, which is currently the largest-selling motorcycle brand in the world, selling well over 2 million units every year.

The second and last Bajaj motorcycle in the top 10 list is the Discover 100 which returns a claimed 90.3 km/l. Next three spots are again taken by Hero with the HF-Dawn, HF-Deluxe and HF-Deluxe Eco, all returning the same 88.56 km/l. Last on the list is the TVS Star Sport Duralife which is the only TVS motorcycle making the list, summing up their lack-lusture performance in the commuter segment. The Splendor’s domination in the fuel efficiency department is quite evident and it sells an average of 1.75 lakh units every month, which contributes to nearly 40 percent of Hero sales.

Meanwhile, the competition in this department is only going to get hotter as time passes because of the typical Indian mindset of “kitna deti hai”.

Mahindra Centuro vs Splendor iSmart
Hero dominates the list while there is no Mahindra present, resulting in poor sales