A majority of the 150cc motorcycles have seen an abrupt drop in sales.

Top Selling 150 cc Bikes November 2019

In the commuter segment, 150cc motorcycles are the most attractive choice for Indian buyers as it delivers both the aspects of being affordable and offering a decent amount of power.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 has continued to be on top of the list, but there has been a drop of 37%. In November 2018, 53,524 units of the Pulsar 150 were sold, which has come down to 33,933 units a year later. Second on the list, is the TVS Apache RTR 160 which has fetched sales of 29,668 units along with the Apache RTR 200 4V. However, it is the Apache RTR 160 with a gigantic portion in the cumulative figure.

The Yamaha FZ sales rise by 22%, grabbing the third spot by selling 17,334 units in November 2019 as opposed to 14,233 units last year. The Yamaha MT15 secured the 9th position, whereas, its fully-faired sibling retains the 5th position with a sales decline of 37% in YoY growth. Another Yamaha on the list is the SZ which experienced a complete downfall, selling no motorcycle this year, although, Yamaha sold 2203 units of SZ last year in November.

Suzuki’s only 150cc offering, the Gixxer is ranked 6th on the list. The motorcycle has recorded a positive growth of 23% in sales, selling 3602 units. The Yamaha FZ and the Suzuki Gixxer are the only two bikes experiencing positive growth.

Top Selling 150cc Bikes November

– Bajaj Pulsar 150 tops the list
– Only two motorcycles experience positive growth
– The Yamaha SZ suffers the steepest decline of 100%

Pulsar 150 Neon Silver
The Bajaj Pulsar 150 has continued to be on top of the list