Maruti continues to top the compact sedan list with the Dzire.

Top Sales Compact Sedan In Sept 2019

The automobile industry slowdown is not cutting any slack to the automobile manufacturers, as even after the end of the 3rd quarter, this respective industry doesn’t seem to do so well. Likewise, almost all the companies have declining sales with some slight variations in their shares.

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire has claimed the first position in the compact sedan segment. Although the YoY is still negative, it has seen a rise from -40% in last the month to -26% in September 2019. If the trend continues, the percentage will sooner or later, turn positive. The second place is claimed by the Japanese automaker, Honda’s Amaze. The units have reduced down to 4823 from 8401 (September 2018) units. The most shocking figures are of the Tata Zest. The sales figure have dropped down to 270 units with a huge 81% decline!

Sept '19 Top Sales Executive Sedans

In the executive sedan segment, the Honda City tops the chart with 1819 units, and the Hyundai Verna isn’t far behind the leader with 1738 units. The two striking observations we see are – the Volkswagen Vento is the only car to have a positive growth rate of 6% and that the Fiat Linea sits with no sales in the whole month!

Sept '19 Top Sales Premium Sedans

In the premium sedan segment, the much anticipated Honda Civic leads the pack with 336 units, and its fierce rival, the Skoda Octavia is at the second place with 165 units. The Toyota Corolla struggles with its YoY, at a negative 68%.

Sept '19 Top Sales Luxury Sedans

As we stray further down to the luxury sedan category, Skoda flourishes. The company sold 102 units of the Superb, although both the YoY and the units are down in comparison. Volkswagen took a significant hit as not even a single Passat got out of the showrooms in September 2019.

September 2019 Sedan Sales

– Almost all the cars have a decline in their sales figure
Maruti Dzire tops even the ‘Top 25 selling cars in September 2019’ list
– Volkswagen Passat and Fiat Linea face the heaviest decline in its YoY

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The Honda Civic leads the premium sedan segment