Tork T6X Spied
The company has been working on the model for a long time now

The Tork T6X has been spied yet again in India

Guess what was spied on Indian roads again, it was the Tork T6X! A development mule of the electric motorcycle has been seen being put through its paces once more.

It is without a doubt that Tork should have launched the T6X by now, for it was officially unveiled 5 years ago. The Pune-based company had even disclosed its specifications back then.

According to the firm, the T6X will come with up to 100 km claimed range on a single charge, a 6 kW (8 BHP) electric motor delivering 27 Nm of torque, and a top speed of 100 km/hr.

Tork T6X Spied Side
It should have plentiful poke for in-town riding duties

Tork had also said the electric motorcycle will have a TFT dash, navigation, app support, anti-theft, storage for a helmet, charge port, LED tail lamp, DRL and blinkers.

Covered completely with camouflage wrapping, the Tork T6X spied recently looks markedly different from the model unveiled all those years ago.

Its headlight design has changed, so has the bodywork, which looks complete now. Also, there is a split seat, a pair of grab handles at the back and the tail light is new as well.

Tork T6X Spied Rear
Like many electric 2-wheelers, it should come with an array of features

Riding on alloy wheels, the Tork T6X has a rear tyre hugger, while the rider ergonomics are comfortable to say the least. However, from the pictures, it looks as though the motorcycle does not have high road clearance.

Sporting telescopic fork up front and a monoshock in the back, the electric machine has a disc brake at each end and will come with CBS. Unlike many electric bikes, this model will have a chain drive.

Nothing is known about the launch timeline of the T6X. If it gets introduced to the market in 2022, one would imagine that it will have a greater range and top speed than what was originally claimed and it should also be priced attractively.

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